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Mario Hofer
12.08.1956 – He was born in Obervellach, Austria
1970-1974 – Went to a jockey school in Vienna
1975-1984 – He works as a jockey (around 300 achievements)
1985-1992 – Trainer in Munich
Since 1993 – Trainer in Krefeld
Mario Hofer came to horse riding literally by accident. A newspaper annotation, with which the horse riding team of Vienna searched for jockey students, it was read interested because it seemed to be that the description used to find jockeys exactly fitted with Mario’s body measures.

Like this, Mario started to learn how to ride a horse with his teacher Dr. Alexander Falewicz in Vienna. Already as an apprentice, he won 54 races. After he lived in Naples for half a year he began an engagement with trainer Harald Ziese in Munich. He often changed trainers, but he had his most successful years as a jockey with trainer Charlie Seiffert in Munich.

But the thought of being a trainer couldn’t get out of Mario Hofer’s head, which did his trainer exam in 1981. In 1984, with the age of 28, he changed his job from jockey to trainer.

In his first race, season 1985, Mario won with the horse ‘Saldo’. In April 1988 he celebrated his 100th victory and in February 1991 his 200th victory.

On the 29th of December 1992 he started working in Krefeld, which allowed him to show the best of his abilities. He tripled his income in the first year and the number was still rising. Since the 15th of July 2001 he can call 1000 victories his own.

Now Mario Hofer is one of the four best trainers and won championships in 2002 and 2003 in Germany.
Over a period of 21 Years - 1993 to 2013 - the Mario Hofer  trained horses earned every year more than 1 million €  in prize money.

Meanwhile, Mario Hofer is the most successful active coach with 2.000 victories.


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