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Mario Hofer GmbH a true enrichment for the racing sport

The galloping scene agrees: If you want to have a horse trained, are looking for an excellent racing stable which does everything for the horse or are looking for a professional horse trainer with experience, Mario Hofer GmbH in Krefeld is the go-to-address. Within the region as well as throughout Europe, owners of racehorses are supported in ensuring the best possible training for their animals.

The daily work of Mario Hofer and his experienced team is not only about training horses. They also ensure participation in races of different classes. The welfare of the animals always has top priority. In addition, horses that are suitable as race and competition horses up to the highest classes are arranged by Mario Hofer. His activities cover these areas:

  • Training
  • Rider training
  • Equestrian sports
  • Support

The career of Mario Hofer up to top-class sport

Racing became Mario Hofer's purpose in life rather than by chance. He once lived in Carinthia and grew up there as the fourth of seven children. He read an ad in the newspaper advertising a rider training for racing. Mario's body measurements exactly matched the desired requirements. The die was cast: Mario became a jockey.

He began his rider training with Dr Alexander Falewicz in Vienna's Freudenau. Even as an apprentice, Mario Hofer won 54 races, including some steeplechase races. On 29 December 1992, he moved to Krefeld and in 1993 he demonstrated his skills for the first time at the German racing headquarters. Today Mario Hofer is a successful horse trainer with more than 2200 victories to his credit.

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Trainings- & Rennstall
  • Basic price: 52 € per day plus 19% VAT. This amount includes the costs for housing, feeding, care and training.
  • Management fee: Currently €20; plus 19% VAT, if you win, double that, so 40 € plus VAT will be charged.
  • Travel expenses: For trips to racecourses within NRW, an amount of 21 € calculated at a flat rate plus 19% VAT. Travel to other racecourses will be included after cost determination plus 19% VAT.
  • Veterinarian, transport and blacksmith: The costs will be directly in invoiced.

The racing stable in Krefeld

Hofer's training and racing stable in Krefeld offers every luxury for the accommodation of the racehorses. Like well-known competition horses, they are kept in outdoor or indoor boxes and can recover from training in spacious paddocks. A hay machine ensures that the most important feed is always of the best possible quality.

Anyone who has their horse trained knows about the high quality and care of the horse trainer's work. Among other things, care is taken to ensure that the animals always get enough time for rehabilitation after a race. Weighing before and after the race is therefore obligatory. Would you like to know more and also find out about the costs? Then simply contact us directly!

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