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Over 2200 victories and 4th place in the "Eternal Best List": Mario Hofer

Everyone active in the equestrian sport is familiar with the name Mario Hofer. He once came to gallop racing by chance. It all started with a newspaper advertisement looking for jockeys. Hofer's body measurements fitted perfectly and so he applied to trainer Dr Alexander Falewicz in Vienna's Freudenau. The first step towards success was taken.

Success was not long in coming and Hofer was already able to record 54 victories as an apprentice. After his apprenticeship, he went to Naples to join coach Harald Ziese six months later in 1975. Further engagements followed, among others, with Adolf Woehler in Bremen or with Charlie Seiffert in Munich.

Mario Hofer's path to success

Mario Hofer wanted to remain active in equestrian sports and decided to work as a trainer. He passed his test in 1981, which was followed by numerous victories for horses trained by him. In April 1988, the 100th victory was celebrated, followed three years later by the 200th. Further successes were achieved in the Austrian Derby.

The move to Krefeld took place on 29 December 1992. In the next season, Hofer proved his ability as a trainer in Krefeld and let his race and show horses gallop easily to the next victories. Already in the first year here in Krefeld, the previous winning total was tripled. July 15th 2001 will go down in Hofer's history: The 1000th winner came with the turf.

Horse-friendly training with vision and a focus on success

The welfare of the horses trained by Hofer is at the top of the priority list. The animals relax in the spacious paddocks and under the solarium. They are top athletes who are treated as such. It is not for nothing that Hofer is one of the most successful active trainers.

Within 21 years (in the years from 1993 to 2013), horses trained by Hofer won more than one million euros in prize money. Horse owners from all over Europe trust in his experience as a trainer and horse person. If you would like to see this for yourself, please contact Mario Hofer directly. Please contact us by phone or send us a message!

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